Friday, September 23, 2016

The Roasted Breast of Angels

Ketogazar is known for its dishes of exotic antiquity. Take the breast of angels, roasted in butter and jalapenos, and serve with the leaves of the blackened trees of the Taqueinos Forest. If you cannot procure angel breast, the breast of a fowl will do.

The False Prophet of Kerenezakor

Do not be fooled by the false prophet of Kerenezakor. It is a charlatan who seeks to deceive. Ignore himn. His advice is poison.

Temptations of the Sugari Crusade

They lie in wait, with their cowled hoods and sagging skin, their faces contorted with pain. They offer you steaming bowls of rice, decadent cakes, and other sinful delights. Resist them. They bring you nothing but pain and death.
For if you follow them, they will feed you until you fall lethargic, and then their feeding begins.

Monday, April 4, 2016

In the Temple of Blackest Hate

The doors creak open and the smell of coffee greets you as you walk in to the temple. A being detaches from the shadows, a streaming mug in its clawed hands.
It hisses at you and it takes a moment for you to make out what was said.
"Black or with cream?"

Sunday, April 3, 2016

A Reminder Posted on the Doors of the Abbatoir

Your life has been a lie. Everything you have been taught. The insidious whispers that calories don't matter, that fat burns fat. All from someone who wants your money. Someone that wants to sabotage your goals. Don't listen to them.
The lies come from every side. From well meaning bloggers to robots in Facebook groups.
This warning is written in blood on the doors of the Abbatoir.
Heed this warning.